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Samsung Has A SHUD 4k TV for Everyone

Samsung+KS9800+gallery+1-edSamsung, the world’s biggest manufacturer of television sets has now introduced its line-up of SHUD TVs. It showed off a total of 16 4K TVs and they are absolutely fantastic. They cost anywhere between $1,500 to $20,000 depending upon the type and screen size.

Samsung is for the first time stepping into the 4K HDR ring. LG and Vizio have already lined up 4K TV with this technology and Samsung is playing catch up but it has its own tricks up its sleeve. The newest SHUD 4K TVs feature the following technologies.

  • Quantum Dot colour (96 percent of DCI-P3)
  • 1,000-nit peak brightness
  • Ultra-Black reflection-reducing screens (Moth’s eye)
  • Automatic device control via remote
  • SmartThings integrationsrsb

The quantum dot is particularly interesting to me. This technology produces picture quality that is arguably the best and the black levels are also deep when compared to the traditional LED TV. Some of the TVs are also available in curved option.

The brightness has been doubled and this enables the TVs to put out a picture that is crystal clear even in the brightest of the rooms.

The new smart hub interface, according to Samsung, is revolutionary. It simplifies the entire setup process and automatically detects the gaming consoles, streaming boxes like Roku and cast devices like Chromecast and sets them up. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Samsung’s SmartThings IoT platform is making a comeback and with this, you will be able to control the smart appliances and devices like the sound, lighting, and cooling system simply by pressing a button onscreen. But this will not be built into the TV. Samsung is introducing a dongle called as “Extend” which will release later this year for free. This device acts as an external hub that actually controls variant things in your smart home.

As previously mentioned, these TVs are not 3D enabled.

Stay tuned for more info.