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 Samsung Is Still the Top Dog in Mobile Shipments           

960x0Samsung is recovering well in a smartphone market that has reached its stagnation point and the official sales figure indicate the same. After years of fighting, Samsung has finally registered growth that it has been chasing for a long time now.

Trendforce’s latest charts for the smartphone sales have pointed out that the overall smartphone shipments have fallen by 1.3% compared to last year and a staggering 18.6% when the quarters are considered. A total of 292 million smartphones have been sold worldwide and the galaxy s7 maker has a lion’s share in it.

Samsung is the top dog and now has a market share of over 27% while the second position is occupied by Apple with a distant 14.4%. for every phone that Apple managed to put in hands of a customer, Samsung sold 2 phones.  An estimate of 81 million phones have been sold by the korean tech giant and with this, it has registered a growth of 5.7%.

The latest flagships from the Korean giant seemed to have helped a lot. When last heard, Samsung managed to move 10 million S7 phones within a span of 20 days thanks to the launch offers and excellent specs of the phones.gsmarena_001

Not only that, other phones such as the J-series phone have been sold in huge numbers in china as well as India where Samsung reigns supremacy. The analyst predicts that while the overall smartphone industry shrinks, Samsung is expected to continue the growth for at least another quarter.

On the other hand, Apple has seen a large chunk being ripped off its figures. It has seen a decline of 6.5 percent. This indicates a trend where users are reluctant to buy new phones and tend to stick onto their existing phone for a longer period of time, all thanks to the lack of innovation in the so-called modern superphones.