Samsung first introduced us to the Family Hub Refrigerator at CES 2016 this year and though I was initially sceptical about the appliance, I started to like it. I have never seen a fridge with a huge touch screen pasted onto its front. Yet somehow, Samsung has made the screen more than useful.

This display allows you to buy groceries, view the contents in the inside if you are away, control music system of your home. Hell, you can even stream you TV so that you won’t miss your favourite show while preparing the dinner for your family. This refrigerator has become more than a huge appliance in your kitchen, it has actually become an iPad that allows you to do anything that you want (at least most of it).

The new advertisement from Samsung for this appliance stars’ real-life celebrity couple, Dax Shepard, and Kristen Bell. Strangely, this ad is all about voyeurism than the fridge itself. getting intimate aren’t the star couple but the food that is inside your fridge and soon they would be inside your stomach.

With all the food getting intimate, I felt like I was watching an orgy with toy story theme than an advert for an appliance.  If you do not believe me, then watch the ad below for yourself.