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5 Reasons Why the Galaxy S7 Is Better Than The iPhone 6s

androidpit-samsung-galaxy-s7-vs-apple-iphone-6-1-w782The iPhone 6s and the Galaxy S7 are the two of the generation-defining phone from bitter tech rivals and naturally, the comparison is inevitable between them. But when looked closely, Apple has certain advantages like the operating system, upgrading the iOS of the phone and the app store along with the revenue it generates. but Samsung has managed to outdo it rival by packing as much tech as possible into the phone. Let’s see some of them.

1)             Display

The first thing that comes to the mind while making the comparison is the screen. Though the iPhone has a great 4.7-inch display, it simply cannot match the 5.1 super AMOLED QHD display of the S7 that pops realistic colours and more vibrant. Let’s not even talk about the resolution.

2)             Camera

Again the iPhone 6s has a super camera but it cannot match Samsung’s offering. The Korean giant has put in the best camera in its flagship that can take brilliant low light photos and has a lighting fast autofocus. Specs aside, the quality of the photograph is simply mind-boggling and the DxOmark (Mobile Photography Expert) test results named it the best camera in any smartphone.

3)             Storage

Apple has always been stingy where the memory is concerned. Even in today’s age, it sells phones that have a paltry 16 GB memory capacity and what’s worse is that there is no option for external memory expansion. Samsung has a base capacity of 32 GB for its flashship phone. While the last year’s phone has not had the expandable storage, this year’s offering offered the support for microSD card of up to 200 GB capacity.

4)             RAM

The iPhone had 1 GB of RAM until last year but that has been bumped up to 2 GB for the current generation. When compared, the Galaxy S7 has a 4 GB of RAM which makes gaming as well as multitasking a super hit on the phone. The Note 6 which is due for a release this summer is reported to have 6 GB of RAM!!!

5)             Battery

Samsung phone have always had pretty good battery life while the iPhone users have been nicknamed as “wall huggers.” The S7 has a monster 3000 mAh battery that can power the phone for 2 days with moderate usage. The iPhone 6s has about half the capacity of the S7 and usually calls it a day before you do.