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Samsung Adds More Storage On a MacBook Without Breaking the Bank

8_3_1Apple’s MacBooks are the leaders in the computer world. In every category that they are available, they lead the pack. The MacBook air is arguably the best portable laptop there is and the MacBook is the thinnest and lightest PC for casual web surfers with cutting edge design and a gorgeous screen. The pro version is on top of the wish list for video editors and photography professionals.

But Apple sells them at a premium price. that’s natural given the premium aura surrounding the laptops. It comes with a base storage of 128GB across the air and pro line-up. that is a paltry amount considering the gigabytes of movies and video collection most of us have.SAMSUNG_MUF-32BB_05

But Samsung has a novel way to extend the available amount of memory for a reasonable price. it does it in the form of Samsung Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive. This tiny device is actually a thumb drive that people use for transferring files from one computer to another or for taking important documents with them. so what’s so special about this drive?

The innovation lies in its form factor. This device plugs into the USB port but does not measure more than half an inch on the whole. Actually, the longest part of the device is the USB pin that plugs into the port. After plugging in, not much is left of the device. Samsung has left enough part of the device outside the port to grip it while pulling it out.

The cost of the Samsung Fit 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive is $35. For comparison, Apple charges anywhere between $150 to $200 to double the storage. I agree that this drive is not fast as native SSD storage but still the USB 3.0 is plenty for everyday tasks. there’s also a SanDisk version. watch the video for more information.