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The Gear S3 Is Confirmed, Will Have a Super Luxury Edition

ASFSamsung produced the jewel of a smartwatch inform of the Gear S2. We are receiving reports that the successor, the Gear S3, is in works and will have an ultra-luxury edition that could retail for $15,000. Samsung electronics has collaborated with Swiss luxury jeweller de Grisogono for this purpose. This smartwatch will be unveiled later this year.

“We are currently collaborating with Samsung to develop its next-generation smartwatch,” a de Grisogono official told The Korea Herald at the Conde Nast International Luxury Conference held in Seoul last week.

Samsung wanted the perfect partner to fine tune its luxury smartwatches and found the best ally in de Grisogono who is known for timeless jewellery designs. The Swiss jeweller has earlier worked with Samsung on the limited edition Samsung Gear S2 that housed 100 black and white diamonds, rose gold rotating bezel and a leather strap made of a material called as galuchat strap.

If everything goes as planned, we might see the Gear S3 at this year’s IFA 2016 that will be held in Germany in the month of September and the luxury edition will debut in march next year on the eve of Baselworld 2017.

The diamond studded Gear S2 was popular among the super-rich crowd but was available in very limited quantities. Samsung has mentioned that only 100 units could be manufactured per month due to its rigid handcrafting method. The Gear S3 will also follow the same pattern and will be very hard to get your hands on one.

“The dynamic partnership builds on this heritage by merging Samsung’s barrier-breaking technology with de Grisogono’s signature style to create a smartwatch as unique as the wearer.” Said a spokesperson.