It seems that Samsung might have just launched a smartwatch, the Gear Live which runs the Android Wear but Samsung has been using its own OS (Tizen) on all of its other smartwatches.

Apart from helping Samsung develop its own ecosystem, Tizen has also helped the Gear smartwatches to offer more features and even better battery life over those running Android Wear.

However even with these advantages, it does not make Tizen the best option for Samsung’s smartwatches. Many of the users want that Samsung now starts to use Android Wear.

This is because the Android Wear has some advantages such as higher developer support, Google Now and the search giant’s leading voice recognition technology. So Samsung needs to think and see what the users want.

However it seems pretty difficult that Samsung would ever support Android Wear. That is why XDA developer biktor_gj has somehow managed to port Android Wear to the Gear 2 and has even managed to get it boot on the watch after four months of work.

So this means that the Android Wear can also be ported into the Gear S as it has pretty much the same hardware inside.

This might just be what many users want and finally could get rid of Samsung’s Tizen which is still quite limited.

But there is no need to get excited as there is a lot of work that is still needed to be done on this by the developer.