Well it is quite early to tell how good the Apple Watch will do or whether it will even win the wearable war in the long run but one thing’s for sure that Apple’s new watch has a head start.

According to the statistics the new Apple Watch has been able to sell more units in one day than any Android Wear device.

Moreover in a recent report, Rob Price has explained that in 2014 all of the manufacturers that have used Google’s smartwatch operating system have only shipped 720,000 units worldwide. The manufacturers include Samsung, LG and Motorola.

Now comparing these figures to the new Apple Watch we see that Apple has been successful in selling 957,000 Apple Watches on the first day of pre-sales in the U.S.

The data has been recorded by a marketing agency called Slice Intelligence. Well this is not a one to one comparison up till now but what we have seen that Apple has treated its new Apple Watch as a main project with the full thrust of Apple’s marketing apparatus behind it.

However the case with the other manufacturers such as Samsung and LG was quite different and it seemed that they treated their wearable devices almost like side projects.

Now that Apple has finally launched its watch and got such a good response, the company may make more concerted marketing push with their wearables.

However we still need to know that this result is just based on early sales but even then the Android Wear makers need to rethink about their wearables if they want to challenge the dominance of Apple in the wearable market.