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Galaxy S5 Is a Survivor

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-IP67-water-resistance1You heard that right. The Galaxy S5 is such a phone that it survived the brutal environment that nature heaped on it and worked just perfect after seven months. This real life incident was shared by Samsung proving that their devices were indeed sturdy and survived months after being underwater.

This miraculous event happened to Bae Gyu-ryong, a Galaxy S5 user who works at a medical centre in Chungju, near to Seoul. The user mentioned that while working at a farm house on his persimmon orchard in September, he misplaced his phone. He tried to locate it but the phone was in silent mode. Naturally he tried to find it for a few days before purchasing a new phone.

And after seven months, he found the phone in the orchid while digging, completely submerged in water and covered with soil. He was initially sceptical about switching on the device but when he did, the phone miraculously brought itself to life along with the contact and precious photos that were previously lost to the user. The same phone that suffered the torture tests for seven months still worked thanks to the dust and water resistant design that Samsung has incorporated in it.

“I was surprised to see the smartphone, which went through rain and snow, being fully functional,” Bae said. “The Galaxy S5 boasts excellent waterproof features.”

But sadly, Samsung dropped these features in the successor, the Galaxy S6, along with the removable battery and memory expansion slot. It had to make the sacrifice as it transited from the plastic design of the Galaxy S5 to the glass and metal body of the Galaxy S6. Except for the removable battery, all the other feature that made Samsung’s phone so popular made a comeback with the Galaxy S7.

Did something so miraculous happen to you and your phone?

If so, we would love to hear about them.