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Note 6 Edge Variant Is Well and Alive but……


It’s no secret that Samsung has been working on the Note 6 for as long as a year now. The note series usually opted for productivity over style and features that were synonymous in the S-series and this year’s entrant will be no different. But Samsung seemed to have stumbled upon a new problem.

Last year saw the release of the S6 edge+ along with the Note 5. And this year, Samsung opted for the a single S7 edge with 5.5-inch screen instead of the dual successors to the S6 edge with 5.1 inch display and S6 edge+ with 5.7-inch screen. With the massive success of the S7 edge, Samsung is really interested in an edge variant of the Note 6 phone and it has reportedly created 2 prototypes of the Note 6 but has intentions to release only one of those phones due to several reasons such as phone stagnation, inventory issues and manufacturing troubles (the edge screen is difficult to produce and the yield rate is very low)

One of those phones has a flat screen like its predecessor and the other has a beautiful 5.8-inch dual edge display. If it opts for the edge variant, then the curves will become a standard for the Note 6. The problem is Samsung is unable to decide which version to opt for. The edge variant of the S7 is proving to be popular but making it a standard in the Note 6 will bump up the cost of the overall device thus discouraging the users and will opt for other phones.

If Samsung zero ins on the edge variant, then it will become the spiritual successor for the Note 5 as well as the S6 edge+. Samsung has managed to slim down the bezels further and this enables it to squeeze in a 5.8 inch display instead of the regular 5.7-inch screen into the same footprint of the previous phones.

The specs include a quad HD display with a massive 4000 mAh battery. The same 12 MP camera in the S7 will be carried onto the Note 6 but the RAM will be bumped up to 6 GB. That’s insane even for a note phone.

The processor will be an Exynos 8890 or the Snapdragon 823 depending on the region. Samsung is strongly believed to bring Android N to the phone but I am sceptical about that.

What are your thoughts on the phone?