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This Adapter Can Put Your Favourite Band of an Old Watch On the Gear S2

gear-s2-band-adapter-640x607Apple watch is more known for its bands than functionality. But nonetheless, Apple has been heaping tons of bands on Apple watch users. The Gear S2 was Samsung’s answer to the Apple watch. While it has many useful features and is actually useful in real world, there weren’t much option in the band section. Samsung has announced that there will be lots of unofficial bands that can match your taste but that still remains a distant dream.

Even Samsung seems to be tired of waiting for the manufacturers to come up with attractive bands as it launches the band adapter. A one of a kind device that can attach any 20mm band to the Gear S2, thus putting the customization and styling in the customer’s hand.

This stainless steel attachment is available in 2 colours, silver, and grey. It even allows you to attach the Gear S2 classic’s band to the regular Gear S2 making it look far more luxurious.gear-s2-band-adapter-3-640x304 gear-s2-band-adapter-5-640x607

To use this band adapter, pop out the existing band from the smartwatch and clip in the band adapter to attach any other bands that have been lying around the house. While the length of the overall strap is slightly increased, it a small price to pay for the limitless customization.

This clipping device is available in countries such as south Africa, Germany, and Singapore right now for 25 euros and is expected to be available in other regions very soon.

If you have been putting off the purchase of the Gear S2 due to lack of its customization option, then this is the time to make go in for the kill. The Gear S2 is arguably the best smartwatch around and even though it runs on Tizen OS instead of Android wear, Samsung has announced that there are 4 times the apps when compared to the launch period of the device.