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According to Samsung, Android N Will Be the Seventh Major Version of Android


The world biggest manufacturer of Android smartphones might have let out a big yet obvious secret without intending it. According to Samsung, Android N has been christened as Android 7.0. This is no surprise but Google is known to have updated the Android operating system incrementally like the 4.4 KitKat version which was a minor step-up from ice-cream sandwich.

This operating system is in its beta stage and Google is yet to name it. The search engine giant has traditionally named the operating system with the names of sweetmeats and this one will be no different. The developer preview was announced a while back surprising everyone as Google introduced us to the newer members of the operating system at the Google I/O that is held in the month of June. Google also release the second beta for the Android N yesterday.

We do not know what “N” stands for as of now but the version number will be “7.0”. some googlers have pointed out that this version of operating system is being called as “New York Cheesecake” internally. But Google is ready to consider some popular names and is asking the users via Google opinion rewards app.

This leak happened through a note related to the MultiWindow feature SDK.

“This version has been released with Android N (7.0) compatibility,” the release notes say. This certainly has to be true since Google shares its plans with its biggest hardware partner and it is also rumoured that Samsung is already at work concerning the Note 6. This handset is speculated to come with Android N but I highly doubt it given its release window.

That’s the update for today. What would you call this Android version if you had your way?