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Snapdragon 823 Could Debut with The Note 6

kv_feature_goldThe Galaxy S7 just reached the store shelves and we are already seeing leaks about the next superphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 6. Fresh reports suggest that the handset could come with the upcoming superchip, the snapdragon 823 SoC from QUALCOMM.

This high-end chip will have a rating of 64-bit Kryo 2.6GHz quad-core making it significantly powerful than the current flagship from QUALCOMM, the snapdragon 820. The handset could also end up using Adreno 530 GPU and up to 8GB of RAM.note-6-snapdragon-823-720x348

Samsung has traditionally released a flagship with snapdragon SoC in the united states and china and the same one housed Exynos chipsets in other regions. If this rumour is true, then Samsung would be having a hard time with the international version. there is no custom SoC from Samsung that is as powerful as 823 and putting the Exynos 8890 in the Note 6 would make the consumers reluctant to buy the handset. Samsung has been known in the past to limit the performance of the snapdragon chips so that the Exynos and snapdragon variant have similar processing power and functionality.

Qualcomm is mum on the rating and availability of the snapdragon 823 but it is widely believed that this SoC is basically a snapdragon 820 on steroids. It has a higher clock speed.

The screen size of the handset is set for a slight increase and will now be of 5.8inch size. My guess is that Samsung has yet again successfully managed to reduce the bezel of the phone and it will now have a bigger display in the same footprint as its predecessors. Other rumours indicate the Note 6 will have a dust and water resistant body along with a top-end camera that could be 25 megapixels. It will also house an iris scanner for added protection.

All this is speculation and is not confirmed by Samsung. This phone is still in the development stage and the components and the rating can be changed at any time