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Huawei Is After Samsung Position in the Smartphone World


Even though Samsung is the top dog in terms of smartphone shipments, Huawei is taking the award as the top company in terms of growth. The fastest growing mobile manufacturer, Huawei is aiming to snatch the smartphones sales from Samsung and lead the shipping chart although that would be possible for the next year or so.

Huawei has reported that sales in its mobile division has registered a 62% year on year growth for the July to September quarter and the number of smartphones shipped crossed the 27 million mark. As of now, Huawei is at a third position in terms of global smartphones shipments. Huawei has informed that it aims to sell 100 million smartphones this fiscal year and it looks like reaching the goal wouldn’t be a herculean task for this Chinese’s manufacturer.

Huawei has also learned something from Samsung. Depending too much on the mid-ranged or low end smartphone will be a risky proposition as the marker conditions are too unstable with new competition entering this segment on regular basis. Selling premium smartphones is where all the growth and money are hidden. It wants to leave the mid-ranger manufacturer tag and would like to be recognised as a high end OEM of android.

Huawei depends on the European and Chinese market heavily and is slowly making its mark in the U.S. market. It was also recognised as the most innovative company in the mobile sector leaving apple and Samsung behind.

“It’s very interesting to see whether they will do well in the U.S. (market),” said Nomura analyst Leping Huang. “It still has some room to grow.”