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Samsung’s Smart Media Player brings Cable TV and Apps together

samsung smart media player GX-SM530CF
Samsung announced a new Media Player GX-SM530CF to power up your existing TVs. The new media player brings cable TV and Smart TV apps together in one box.

Priced at $150 this unique device is a smart media streamer set-up box which has the potential to replace your existing cable boxes.

The market is now over populated with media streamer devices like Sony’s internet media player, Google Chromecast and many cheap android boxes. So why Samsung brought another media device?

The big difference between other media streamer and Samsung Smart Media Player is, you can completely replace your cable box and you do not need several devices to watch cable TV and internet media contents from Hulu, Netflix or Amazon. This one device will support all your TV and video needs.

Along with that Smart Media Player has support for select Samsung smartphones and tablets. You can mirror your smartphone and tablet screen directly on your TV. This is great for watching YouTube videos on big screen.

Samsung is bringing this innovative device on October 23rd.

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