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Google Will Tweak Touchwiz to Make It More Optimized

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-Plus-Screenshot-AH-1-1600x1067Google hates Touchwiz. This was apparent when the two tech companies sparred over the magazine ux on Touchwiz last year. Google didn’t like the way Samsung was modifying its os and presenting it in an entirely different way that it was intended. Samsung didn’t like the way google was forcing its hand to include more of the stock google apps in its phones. An agreement had been reached between the companies since then.

Even today, Samsung sells most of the android phone globally and Touchwiz is identified as an invaluable part of android eco system. It is more recognizable than the stock version of android. But Samsung’s Touchwiz is loaded with bloatware, bugs and laggy performance issue. Since Touchwiz is the android interpretation for most people, it is hampering the android reputation among consumers.

For this purpose, google would like to step in and help Samsung in tweaking and optimizing the custom user interface on all galaxy devices. The present Touchwiz struggles with memory issues and gets stuck in middle of performing a task. This is evident even in phones such as the note 5 that has 4 GB of ram. Google wants to make Touchwiz a more enjoyable by reducing the excessive and unnecessary content that bogs down the phone.

This is with an intention that when a user uses a Samsung phone, the experience should be so pleasant that they are compelled to buy a second android phone. Basically google wants touchwiz to have performance and experience similar to the iOS devices that are clean and without any bloatware.

Google wouldn’t dare to ask Samsung to adopt the stock android skins similar to the Motorola’s phones as Samsung has clearly stated in the past that it has to differentiate itself from the sea of android devices out there. But still, google want the king of the smartphone world to have a user interface that is as fast as possible which in turn will bring some reputation to the android operating system.