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Galaxy S7 Edge Officially Has the Best Camera in Smartphone Business

galaxy-s7_camera_focus_lYet again, the latest phones in the popular s-series of the Galaxy phones have topped the list in camera benchmark test conducted by camera expert DxOMark. The top phone for this year is the Galaxy S7 edge that is replacing its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 edge. S6 edge has an overall score of 87 in the camera ranking, tied with the Xperia Z5.

This year, the score registered by S7 edge is slightly higher at 88. Mind you, the camera on the S6 edge and Xperia Z5 were top notch and beating them is a herculean effort. S7 edge scored 88 in both the photography as well as video department to earn the crown as the best smartphone camera in the world (period).

But other blockbuster phones are looming on the horizon. LG G5, HTC M10 and Mi 5 phones have not yet released and they aren’t taken into consideration(they generally have world class cameras in them).925fb74611bcf9ca87e9b8570c2a6dbe

The S7 edge’s camera has been praised for its blazing fast autofocus, exposure and contrast that are unmatched by anyone. Samsung has mentioned that this camera uses 100% of the pixels to focus on an object whereas the iPhone 6s plus uses less than 5% of the pixels. The autofocus sections registered a score of 94, highest for any mobile, all this thanks to the dual-pixel phase detection technology.

Samsung has also reduced the megapixel count from 16 MP to 12 MP. The reduction allowed it to pack in larger pixels that produce stunning pictures.

But not everything is perfect with the camera, DxOMark has pointed out the yellow tint in pictures with tungsten illumination. Samsung uses camera modules from its own camera department (ISOCELL S5K2L1) as well as a Sony IMX260 sensor.

For comparisons, the iPhone 6s plus occupies sixth spot with a score of 84.