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Samsung and LG Renew Their Fight for the Future iPhone’s OLED display

iPhone-6s-Rose-Gold-9-1280x855We are receiving reports that Apple has signed Samsung as the primary supplier for the future iPhone which will see a transition from the current LCD display technology to OLED tech. while Samsung is said to be the bulk supplier for the iPhones, Apple isn’t depending on Samsung exclusively for the OLED display.

Other tech companies such as LG display, Foxconn and Japan Display Inc. will act as secondary suppliers to Apple. The contract states that Samsung has been signed up to provide as many as 60,000 flexible OLED displays per month.

Tim cook has criticized OLED tech in the past as “awful piece of technology” and pointed towards the poor colour saturation. But OLED tech has grown leaps and bounds since 2011 and currently offers superior features compared to LCD displays. They are cheaper to produce thanks to huge investments in the manufacturing units. OLED also have greater colour gamut and has the ability to illuminate a single pixel. This feature is helpful for having an “always-on display”.

The transition of Apple from LCD to OLED has been rumoured for years but it never materialized, as least in the smartphone case. A strong indication that Apple is inclined towards the OLED technology was that these displays were used in the Apple watch.

“As Samsung Display was chosen as the Apple’s primary partner, competition to become the secondary supplier is becoming fiercer […] 

Industries are estimating that Samsung Display will supply at least 50% and up to 70 to 80% of OLED panels for early iPhones.” Reports said.

But we suggest you do not hold your breath to see an iPhone with OLED display. The contract is for the iPhone that will be released in the year 2017 or 2018. That the duration for the iPhone 7s and 8. The next iPhone is still rumoured to have an LCD display.

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