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Galaxy S7 Is Killing The iPhone Out There

Galaxy-S7-Edge-vs-iPhone-6s-plus-17of18-840x473Apple is having a rough year and the absence of Steve jobs is clearly visible. The iPhone sales have declined for the first time and the profits haves tumbled after almost 13 years. The root cause for, as analysts have pointed out, is the stagnation of overall smartphone industry where the users are now sticking to their old phone for a longer period of time. But things in Samsung land are looking upwards.

The newly released galaxy S7 and S7 edge have been selling like hot cakes and the promotional offers have only helped Samsung in moving more number of units off the retail shelves. The latest figures of smartphone sales indicate that Samsung has 28.8% of the pie while Apple Is lingering at 23% in the united states.

Yes, the gap isn’t much wider and Apple generated more profit per unit devices sold but Samsung is slowly catching up. While not every Samsung phone sold is the Galaxy S7 or the edge variant but the number of units sold of flagship has drastically risen cutting into apple’s profit. Mind you, the united states has been apple’s stronghold since the dawn of smartphone era and Samsung is slowly taking over it.

Things aren’t looking up for Apple elsewhere. The demand in the Chinese market has softened owing to slow economy and Indian users usually prefer phone within the sub $200 category putting the iPhone beyond the reach of many common consumers. It was also reported that Samsung has toppled Apple as the go-to premium brand for high-end phones in the Indian sub-continent for the first time revealing the changing trend among consumers.

The upcoming Note 6 and the Galaxy X have only upped the hype for Samsung’s expensive phones that now offer expandable storage, beautiful display, brilliant camera, water resistance and longer battery life by default.

Looks like years of hard work has finally paid off for Samsung and Apple can no longer hide behind the mask of the premium brand and has to do something radically different with the next iteration of the iPhone.







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