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Samsung Introduces a Tablet with an Iris Scanner


We have been expecting to see the iris scanner that scans the eyes for authentication purpose on the Note 6. but instead, Samsung has unveiled a tablet in India that has this scanner. This device is a part of Samsung’s push into Make in India initiative by the Government of India. This tablet is being called as the Galaxy Tab Iris.

But if you think that this is a tablet that is in leagues of iPad pro then you have thoroughly mistaken. on the contrary, this is a tablet whose specs are lying at the bottom of the charts. experts have indicated that this tablet is a rebranded Galaxy Tab 3 Lite with added integration of the iris scanner that authenticates by scanning the eye. The specs of the tablet are given in the image below.samsung-galaxy-tab-iris-specs-759

Samsung has mentioned that it is aiming the banking sector, government officials and business client whose main priority is security with this tablet.

“The model is meant to be used with certain biometric-based services within the government, like Aadhaar – a centralized biometric and demographic database, operated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) agency. The tablet is fully compatible with said system and is also STQC-certified and thus proudly wears the “Made for India” moniker as a tool aimed to simplify adoption and usage of the Aadhaar system among others.” GSMarena has reported.

For people who do not know what Aadhaar is, it is similar to the social security number in the united states that identifies individuals. Aadhar also stores the fingerprints and other biometric data of an individual and with this tablet, any citizen’s data can be authenticated without any need of superior equipment.

The cost of the device is at a surprising $200 but given the specs and the functionality, I wouldn’t be too surprised or enthusiastic about the device.

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