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Eric Schmidt Thinks the Galaxy S7 Is Better Than The iPhone 6s

o-SCHMIDT-facebookThe former CEO of google is quite an interesting character. Eric Schmidt has recently revealed in Europe to a room full of people at a Startup Fest in Amsterdam that he owned the top two phone in the world right now, the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6s and he personally felt that the Galaxy S7 was superior to the latter which has a very weak battery life.

The audience were questioned whether they owned the newest iPhone and majority of them raised their hands and Eric replied in his signature style “So much for the Android monopoly in Europe.” When many executives fear to take the name of its rival products in any kind of presentation, here is a man who not only takes the iPhone name but also admits that he is an iPhone user.

It might be possible that Eric is a fan of the iOS ecosystem or it is also possible that he keeps the iPhone in his pocket so that he can keep an eye on the rivals and their features so that Android might benefit from his findings.

“The Samsung S7 is better: it has a better battery and a better camera,” said Schmidt with a smile, telling the laughing audience. “And those of you who are iPhone users know I’m right.”

The executive chairman of alphabet.inc, the parent company of google has had an active involvement in developing android as the world’s most popular mobile operating system since it was released in 2008.

But before that, in the era of Steve jobs, Eric was a board member of apple and helped the company achieve the greatness that it enjoys today before defecting to google.