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Usb-C On the Galaxy S7 Might Be a Good Thing for You

google-android-m-usb-cIn the leaked spec document of the galaxy s7 was the name “usb-c”. you might have known that the usb-c first made an appearance on the 2015 MacBook. There was only a single port on the entire MacBook. So how does this single port rule them all?

First of all, the future of connectivity depends on the usb-c. this usb-c is touted as the usb 2.0 of future generation that will be used to connect the external HDD, printers, computers and smartphones. The biggest headache of the usb and micro usb generation is gone. The usb-c is reversible meaning you do not have to check the sides when inserting the cable to charge your phone.usb-c-apple-new-macbook-110315

This single port acts as a hdmi port, data transfer and power transfer port. Each and every single port that we know can be replaced with a single usb port. They can even transfer power at such a rate that a moderately powerful laptop can be charged.

Now on the mobile front, we have seen that phones such as the oneplus two and nexus 5x have made use of this port. But their functionality at present is limited to transferring the power at a faster rate and the data rate is untouched. The upcoming galaxy s7 might change all that. If Samsung put the usb-c port on to the galaxy s7 and also opt for the data transfer that usb-c provides, theoretical speeds of 10 GBPS can be achieved and transferring content to and from the phone will be done in a blink of an eye.

As far as charging times are concerned, Samsung is already an industry leader with its fast wired and wireless charging that can fill up the phone’s battery in a short time that other companies struggle to match, with the usb-c, Samsung has the unique opportunity to reduce the charging times even further and add in the support of usb-c thumb stick so that you can get the work done like you do on a pc.

Last but not the least, since usb-c is an open standard, a single cable will be sufficient to meet all you display, power and data needs. Carrying all the bulky cables might finally be a thing of the past.