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Nexus Phones Aim for The Galaxy Phones Position

Since the dawn of smartphone era, only 2 names were synonymous with the smartphone buyers worldwide. Those names are of Samsung and apple. Although google is the developer of the android operating system, it played a dormant role in the hardware division. Now the tide seems to have turned.

Google started a project called as nexus. The phones in this project were manufactured with an aim to showcase the manufactures the power of android operating system and lead the way for android culture. It did not compete with the power houses like Samsung and HTC. Though the manufacturers were sceptical that nexus phones will eat into their profits, google reassured that it will not aim nexus phone for main stream market.

Now google has released two ads for its nexus 6p and 5x phones in the primetime television slot indicating that it wants the user to takes its phones seriously and actually want to generate revenue from it. google phones offer stock android operating system, high end hardware for mid-range prices and the phones also receive android updates as soon as they release, consumer have begun to like the nexus phone and are opting them instead of the galaxy s6 or the LG G4.

With google becoming a mainstream phone maker, what will be Samsung’s strategy in combatting the sliding sales?