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High Resolution Audio Tipped to Be Included in Galaxy S7

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_gold_youtube_official1Samsung is taking no chances in their next s series phone, the galaxy S7. It wants to include as much tech into the frame as possible. As a result of it, the galaxy S7 might be a superior phone when compared to the iPhone as far as specification is concerned. The pleasant surprise is that the S7 will be a favourite among audiophiles.

Leaks pointed out that the galaxy S7 will feature the Sabre 9018AQ2M audio chip by ESS Technology that is capable to output high resolution audio that is currently available in expensive NWZ-A17 Walkman. The resulting sound is just mesmerizing. Without going into the technicalities, high resolution audio is like the Blu-ray format for audio with crystal clear sound and beautiful audio experience. You just have to hear it to believe it.

In the other news, the S7 will be made of magnesium alloy. The magnesium is a stronger metal than aluminium but a bit on expensive side. The alloy will provide the necessary premium fell and also be useful in achieving a sturdy build. The glass back that make a phone look beautiful will make a comeback though.

this walkman has a superior audio experience with high resolution audio

The phone, when released will be the most powerful phone on the planet as far as raw processing power is concerned. It will also feature the 3d touch that apple has been boasting about its iPhone. To help them in this issue, Samsung is partnering with the synaptic.

Another rumour point out that the S7 edge will have the top and bottom area of the screen curved instead of the right and left side. It is known that the s6 edge is a nightmare when handling the device.

The galaxy S7 will launch in January and will come in the usual colours. Additional colours might surprise us.