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Galaxy S7 to Launch in January, Comes in Various Versions

hy34xp7We have previously reported that the galaxy S7, the next superphone from Samsung will launch on feb 22nd. Well it now looks like Samsung want consumers to have the phone even earlier that initially planned. According to reliable internal leaks, the galaxy S7 will be launched in January and will be available in the subsequent week.

The typical period of launching a galaxy s series phone is in the month of march during the world mobile congress event. But it now looks like Samsung might give the WMC a miss and will conduct its own event like the unpacked event for the note series. This move is to combat the decreasing market share and sliding profits.

My assumption is that Samsung has created a significantly different phone from what we have seen earlier and is sure to combat the iPhone craze effectivity. The phone might be radically different from the note 5 or the galaxy s6 edge that came out earlier this year. Rumours are starting to grow about the USB type c connector on the galaxy S7 along with the addition of 3d touch like feature.


The phone will come in all variants imaginable and will be the most powerful phone ever released to a consumer. The variants will be the rugged version and the edge version. But we now know that Samsung plans to add a sub premium version to make the device more accessible and sell more phones than its predecessors. The premium galaxy S7 will have a snapdragon 820 in the U.S. and Chinese market and the exynos custom chip with integrated modem in the international and European versions. The sub premium version will also have the Exynos 7650 and Exynos 7880 that are the equivalent to the snapdragon 620 in power and graphic capabilities.

Well, which version do you like?

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