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Samsung to Replace Humans with Robots in Manufacturing Sector

411_720The south Korean government has finalised a contract with Samsung to develop a prototype factory robot that will help the humans in manufacturing gadgets and putting other humans out of their jobs. The contract which is worth $16.75 billion won ($14.8m, £9.57m) is taken up with an aim to reduce the reliance of the Korean manufacturing industry on china.

The south Korean population is sprinkle in the rain when compared to the population of India and china. But the Korea tech industry is one of the finest that is available. To manufacture the devices and goods for the entire planet requires an army of factory assemblers who can perform the job quickly and with precision.


Problems originated when the Chinese cheap labour began to protest the meagre wage that are being offered for multi-billion-dollar device assembly. Naturally their wages began to rise cutting into the profit of the device. For this exact reason, the south Korean government doesn’t want to depend on the china any more for manufacturing processes and wants an army of high precision robot that can assemble even the smallest component on a circuit board with accuracy that was previously possible only with human hands.

such robots came into existence quite a while back but They are priced ridiculously high and overall costs more that wages of Chinese labour which is usually around 17 cents per hour. To improve the situation, the south Korean government is collaborating with Samsung to make precision speed reducers, motors, controllers and sensor encoders.

“Once affordable robots reach the market and are more widely used, it can lead to the creation of ‘smart factories’ and bring about far-reaching innovations to the manufacturing sector,” the ministry said in a statement.

Looks like the unemployment rate is set to increase with the rise of the machines.