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Note 5 Getting A Battery Life Bump, Security Update

gsmarena_002Note 5 is one of the best android handset out there and Samsung want to make It even better. Some users in the south east Asia are reporting that they are receiving an update package that measures at 144 MB on their note 5. Although the note 5 is not available in the European region, users have also received this update there.

The highlights of this update is its focus on security and optimization of the battery performance. The update will improve the general performance of the phone, increase the security strength and enhance the privacy of the user. One other new ability is the improvement in the call quality and functionality meaning your call drop rates might be lower than before and the voice will now be even more crisp.


User have to beware that after updating the note 5 to the latest firmware version, it is not possible to downgrade owing to security reasons. This update also lays the foundation for the android marshmallow that is due to release in a couple of months. Samsung has also promised that it will release monthly updates that enhance the security of the smartphone and do the maintenance work. Samsung makes good on that promise as the update is a part of its monthly maintenance that will strengthen the phone against snooping elements and hackers.

The package also contains the KNOX update that is essentially Samsung’s security suite similar to blackberry BES. User should also beware that downgrading through unverified sources will trigger the flag counter and the result will be that Samsung will likely void the warranty and will stop officially supporting the phone and some of its features such as Samsung pay.

Note 5 in other regions might have the update soon. However, the phone’s performance difference in the real world after the update is yet to be seen.