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Here’s How the Gear 360 Looks in The Inside

Samsung-Gear-360-Virtual-Reality-Camera-01Samsung showed us its 360-degree camera along with the Galaxy S7 and since the device went on sale recently, Samsung has decided to up the hype by releasing a picture that shows us the internals of the device. it has pointed out that the Gear 360 is mainly made up of 9 important components.

These components are

  1. Case
  2. Glass lens 1
  3. Front bracket
  4. Camera module
  5. Cu plate
  6. Logic board
  7. Battery chamber and battery
  8. Camera lens
  9. Rear bracketgear-360-inside1

The 360-degree camera which is similar to a cricket ball shoots 360-degree videos and pictures so that you can capture a moment in its entirety.

It has 2 camera sensors facing opposite directions that record content separately. This content is later stitched together to make it look like a 360-degree video or a photo that are more immersive that a normal video or a photo.

The tiny device is portable enough to carry around and is rugged enough to take the damages from a camping trip. The 1350 mAh battery is embedded into the guts of the device and can shoot a 360-degree video for a little less than 2 and a half hours. Samsung has built various modes into the Gear 360. For example, the time lapse and looping modes are some of my personal favourites.

There are plenty of connectivity options with this device. Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth, NFC and USB are some of them. the purpose of this is to enable easy sharing of the recorded content across several devices like a PC or a smartphone.

The device is already available in south Korea and will soon arrive in the United States for a retail price of $350.