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The Most Expensive Galaxy S7 Is Made in Honour of Vladimir Putin and Costs $27,000

Apple Watch might cost $17,000 for the most expensive version but the Russian smartphone customizer Caviar has beaten everybody out there by introducing a Galaxy S7 that is dazzling with gold rubies and other precious substances. But that’s not even the best part, the Galaxy S7 has the face of Russian supremo, Vladimir Putin, in the back, rubies that surround the face of Putin giving him an aura that oozes power. What surprised me the most isn’t the handset but the name itself. The designer is calling this handset as The Caviar Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino.

The phone is embedded with 190 rubies that form the aura around Putin’s head. Apart from this, the phone’s back plate also has Russian coat of arms symbol in beautiful gold and below that is the first two lines of Russian national anthem engraved.

“One of the most expensive models in the history of the Caviar — unique in its dedication to luxury and wealth to the President of Russia — Vladimir Putin, made in a combination of gold and rubies. The unusual and bright solution, designers used the Caviar, eye-catching and embodies the royal splendour of this model,” notes the description of the handset.

If you are a Russian, feel proud of your country and have spare $27,000 cash, then this phone is for you.

Caviar said that it could only make three of such phones and each will cost RUB 1,790,000 ($27,213).

If you feel the phone is beyond your reach. Then there is a MIXED METAL VERSION that that doesn’t come with the rubies but has gold and silver that still looks attractive and stands out among a sea of similar looking device. it will set you down by $2,570 though.