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Note 5 Beats the iPhone 6s Plus to Become America’s Most Loved Phone

samsung-galaxy-note-5-vs-iphone-6s-plus-13-840x473Apple has always boasted that their customers love the iPhone and the customer satisfaction for its products were the highest for any brand but Samsung managed to beat it for the consecutive year. The Note 5 was released to the world 10 months ago and it still is the most loved phone in America beating the likes of iPhone 6s and 6s plus that came out later than the phablet. The Note 5 managed a score of 86 out of 100 while the 6s plus scored an 85.

Surprisingly, the Note 4 that came out in 2014 also managed to beat the iPhone 6s when the overall customer satisfaction is taken into account clearly indicating the love Americans have for the note phones. This consumer choice was calculated based on the opinions given by 70,000 consumers over the course of a year.

This is surprising given that Samsung is usually considered as a phone maker who copies Apple designs and remakes them in Android land which resulted in years gone by fighting in courtrooms across the globe. But the radical shift took place with the launch of the Galaxy S6 which incorporated the use of glass and metal design that looked nothing like the iPhone yet was arguably the most beautiful phone of its time.

Note 5 built on that and added curved edges and the result is the customer satisfaction score that you see.

In case you are wondering about the Galaxy S7 duo, they won’t make it to the list. These phones were only released a couple of months ago and the opinions were collected from before the handsets saw the light of the day.

The top 15 positions are dominated by Samsung and Apple with their phones like the iPhone 5, Galaxy Grand Prime and Galaxy S4 still being relevant for customers. A surprise entry in the list is the Moto G that features in the list at 9th positon and scored an 81. That’s more than the Galaxy S6’s 80.