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Pre-installed Milk Music and Milk Video Apps on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


Samsung has been known for providing phones that have a large number of pre-installed apps in the past. Samsung used to offer so many pre-installed apps that many of the users took it as negative aspect for Samsung’s phones. The reason behind this was that these apps at many occasions slowed down the phone a lot.

Well, when Samsung released the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge earlier in Sunday, Samsung had a very clear motto about the pre-installed apps. Samsung pulled off all the apps that it pre-installed on earlier phones giving the users complete control of downloading Samsung apps that they need.


Last year, Samsung released its own Music and Video streaming apps named as the Milk Music and Milk Videos. Milk Music was like a radio app which provided live radio streams to the users and let them enjoy music for free. But these apps were not for everyone, they were only available on some selected smartphones.

Well this year, when the Galaxy S6 and the galaxy S6 Edge come out later next month, there will be only a short list of Samsung apps on them. In this small list, Samsung has also included Milk Music and Milk Videos – which means Samsung has some great plans for these apps in the future.