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Samsung Trying To Make Perfect Smartwatch


Samsung has released Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge earlier on Sunday at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015 which is being held in Barcelona. These smartphones were Samsung’s latest innovations for which the world has waited a long time.

In the last two years, Samsung has been releasing a Galaxy Gear Smartwatch along with each of its flagship. These watches were quite as much important in Samsung’s events as the smartphones. But this time around, there was no smartwatch at the show.


The reason behind this is not exactly yet known. But according to Samsung, it is developing a smartwatch at this moment. The reason behind not unveiling the watch is that it is not quite ready yet.

Samsung, as we have seen in the last year, has tried to stay committed to improving the devices it is making to perfection. Well this seems to be the case with the Smartwatch that Samsung is developing. So expect a perfect Smartwatch coming out soon in the future as soon as Samsung is done with the development.