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Samsung Smartwatch ‘Orbis’ Will Have An Eight-Core Processor


Samsung is going one step further with its watches as the company is now going to put in an eight core beastie, with four cores running at 2.1 GHz and four at 1.5 GHz along with an ARM Mali T760 GPU. This is the same chip that also powers Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6. The Exynos 7420 is a high performance processor and it seems a little bit over the top for a watch to be powered by it.

The current Samsung watches have only two cores so it is a very big jump to eight cores. The eight core processor is said to be incorporated in a watch that is codenamed Orbis. The 14nm implementation of the Exynos 7420 will help in reducing the heat produced.

Orbis which is the watch that will have this processor appeared in a patent application showing the use of a rotating bezel as a control. This would actually make the watch round faced which very unlike Samsung as its watches are not at all round faced.

The main reason that Samsung is taking this step is not because of CPU grunt but power efficiency. The installation of this chip into the watch will improve battery life from 1-2 days of rival smart watches such as that of Apple to 3-4 days.

However the watch still lacks behind the qualities that a traditional watch has that does not need to be charged at all.

Apart from this many people want the watch to have a camera as well because the processor can support 16 MP 30fps cameras. Moreover just like all its watches this watch will also run on Tizen.