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Galaxy S6 Edge Review


So the latest flagship from Samsung is here. The successor to the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note Edge has been unveiled to the public in the form of the Galaxy S6 Edge. The phone which some even said was more anticipated then the Galaxy S6 by many people.

The phone has been highly optimized by Samsung to cater the needs of its customers in every possible way. Samsung has tried to put in every possible function into this curvy phone which has some glamourous curves.

Here is what we were able to know about the Galaxy S6 Edge earlier at the amazing unveiling ceremony at the MWC 2015.


Looks and Feel

The first impression of the Galaxy S6 Edge from its looks is quite awesome; it looks amazing and at the first sight, it gives an impression of being different from all other phones in the world.

The thing that makes this phone look different are the curved edges. The curved display on both the sides of the phone is something that has been given to the consumers for the very first time.

The phone will be offered in four different colors – White, Black, Green and Gold. These four colors are enough to cater everyone’s liking.

The phone has Gorilla Glass 4 both on the front and the back which gives it an elegant and shiny look. On the sides, you could see the thin metal frame running all around the phone which is quite classy.


The Display of the Galaxy S6 Edge is the best among all smartphones. The Galaxy S6 Edge has a 5.1 inch super AMOLED. The display is curved on both sides of the phone.

The curved sides are used for displaying many useful notifications and shortcuts that are accessible just with one touch. The curves will be quite helpful for users who love saving some time.


The Galaxy S6 Edge variant has the best camera on both front and back. The front camera is an amazing 5MP camera which shoots HDR photos in all types of lightings. So you can boast about your selfies without doubt.

The Rear camera is 16MP and it shoots some amazing snaps. You will enjoy shooting photos like a pro with the Galaxy S6 Edge. With most of the functions available in professional cameras, plus it also has a great object tracking function that works quite great.


The Galaxy S6 Edge has the latest 64-bit Exynos processor that has been built with 14nm technology. This makes it really power efficient as compared to other processors. To go with this chip, there is 3GB of DDR4 memory that is quite fast.

The phone will come in 3 different internal memory categories which are 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Samsung will not be offering an external SD card storage on this phone so better buy the phone with maximum storage.

The phone will have 2,600 mAh battery which will do quite well with the power efficient processor. This battery will be embedded and un-removable. Above all, Samsung will be offering wireless charging which is one of the biggest features.



The Galaxy S6 Edge is no doubt the best phone made by Samsung in terms of specs and looks till date. The phone has the latest functions that one could expect. Even after removing expandable storage and removable batteries, Samsung has done quite well overall. The phone is a masterpiece without comparison.