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Samsung Opts For OneDrive Instead of Dropbox


Cloud storage has gotten quite some attention in the last few years. We have gotten used to cloud storage as much as we have got used to the smartphones. We use cloud storage with the data that we need on the go. This helps us get access to it no matter where we are with the only requirement being able to get connected to the internet.

There are many different cloud storage service providers all over the world. All have some really great services. The two top cloud storages that are widely used all over the world are Dropbox and OneDrive. They have two of the biggest databases and servers that could store your data.


These services do not come free of cost, you need to pay to get storage on these servers. In today’s world, storage has become quite cheap but still you need to pay and mostly get an annual subscription.

Cloud storage has been quite useful on smartphones over the last few years and help you get your mobile to a really great access. Ro help its users, Samsung has been offering cloud storage services from Dropbox for free on most of its devices. This year, Samsung has partnered with Microsoft and will be giving many free Microsoft apps on it’s smartphones and in this process, it had to ditch Dropbox and go with OneDrive.