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Note 6 Might Come with A Dual Camera Setup

samsung-dual-camera-640x356Galaxy S7 currently has the best camera in the world. This was certified by the camera specialist DXoMARK. But Samsung is one such company that will never rest on the laurels of the past achievements. Traditionally, the Korean giant has incorporated the s-series camera into the note series phones whose primary focus was raw power and top of the line productive features. But that will change with the Galaxy Note 6 or should we call the Note 7.

Whatever might be the case, the next note series phone will have a dual camera setup much like the HTC M8.

Some of the other phones that incorporate the dual camera setup are the Huawei P9 and the LG G5. Apple is also reportedly building this technology into the iPhone 7 plus. Even though Samsung would be late to the dual camera party, it would certainly bring the best technology to the table that would be hard to beat.

But the entire dual camera setup is a bit confusing for the average user. There are two types of this setup. The first is that both the cameras of the phone take a simultaneous shot and combine them to get the high-resolution picture. One camera measures the depth of field, colours, and other parameters while the other takes a normal snap. These produce high-quality images that are more suitable for professional photographers.

There is also the second type of dual camera setup that is used in the LG G5. The first camera would be a high-resolution camera that has a narrow view angle. Then there is the secondary camera. Though the resolution is on the lower side but the field of view is very large, typically 135 degrees. That’s enough for a group photo at close range or to capture the nature in its entirety.

We will have to wait and watch what’s Samsung take on the dual camera setup.

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