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Note 7 Will Have An Edge Variant, To Enters Mass Production Stage Soon


We have seen rumors in the past that there will be an edge variant. It is more or less confirmed that the edge sibling will make an appearance  and the duo will be similar to the S7 And S7 Edge Pair.

The success of nonregular phones such as the S6 Edge+ And S7 Edge has prompted Samsung to make as many as large screened dual edge phones. The Note 7 edge is a result of that. It is even aggressively building phones that have bendable and foldable displays.

The design of the note 7 has reportedly been finalized and the software has also been cooked up. The disappointing news is that the phone will come with android 6.0.1 but that is entirely reasonable given that google hasn’t released the Android N Officially. But it will get the update within 3 months after the operating system is available.

With a couple of weeks, Samsung has planned a mass production program and plans to manufacture as many as 5 million of the dual Note 7 phones. The phones are pegged to be shown to the world on august 2nd and will be available soon after that.

The phones will be very similar to the Galaxy S7 but will feature significant improvements over the Note 5 like the added support of expandable memory and waterproofing design.

For the first time, Samsung is set to introduce a phone with 256 GB of memory capacity given the space requirement for professional photographers and other business personnel who use lots of memory.


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