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Galaxy S7 Edge with 4 GB RAM Crushes OnePlus 3 With 6 GB RAM

When OnePlus announced that their next phone will feature 6 GB of RAM, many tech enthusiasts proclaimed it as the ultimate device for productivity and multitasking. Cut to the real world, when a tech website compared the phone with its closest competitor, the S7 edge, the results were astounding.

Not only the Galaxy phone beat the OnePlus 3 significantly, it also manages the multitasking much better.

The culprit?

OnePlus founder Carl Pei has mentioned that even though the phone has 6 GB of RAM (huge potential), they had to limit the phone’s memory management so that the battery life doesn’t kill itself.

They mentioned that unlike the Galaxy S7 edge, OnePlus 3 does not store many apps in the memory in order to elongate the battery life. Not many people in the real world keep as many as 20 apps open in their memory. So a wise decision from OnePlus but this move makes the 6 GB of RAM useless and a 4GB module would have done much better technically and economically.

Unofficial fixes are available that unleashed the full potential of the RAM but they come at the cost of the battery. With the fix, the phone performs much better than the other competitors such as the iPhone 6s but stays alive for a very short period of time.

But All’s not lost. The founder of the company has mentioned that they are working on an official fix that will make the phone the true power monster it is but without sacrificing the battery life. But that maybe a bit further in the future. Maybe until google releases next major version of Android, Android N.

Until then you will have to live with a top end phone that is bested by phones released much before.