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Samsung Is Building an Intelligent Network for Futuristic Cities


Samsung is creating future in its home country, south Korea. It has announced that it is partnering with SK Telecom to create what it calls as the intelligent network that will be used to as a platform for the internet of things (IoT).

This is the world’s very first network that is entirely dedicated to the Iot platform and is especially designed for battery powered, internet connected devices. The technical name given to this network is LoRaWAN or Long Range Wide Area Network. The trial for this network will begin soon in Daegu and will spread to the entire country in the coming months.internet-of-things

This network has the capabilities to connect everything from a coffee machine in your home to the self-driving car on the road. The Korean company believes that as we progress into the future, IoT device become more important. They will be used for almost everything in the futuristic cities and Samsung wants to be ready with a network that can handle the communication between the devices as well as provide them the internet speeds they need to operate.

For example, Samsung wants to equip the street lamps with sensors so that they can measure the illumination of the place and determine if the LED has to be lighted up and to what brightness it has to be set. Samsung also says that these sensors will be able to collect the traffic, weather and air pollution data without any special hardware.

“LoRaWAN IoT networks use an unlicensed, public spectrum called the Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency band. To prevent degradation of other industrial communications already using the ISM band, the network will support the Listen Before Talk (LBT) function. A new service model, the Internet of Small Things (IoST), will also be introduced as a key facilitator for more business opportunities utilizing the Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) like LoRaWAN. LPWAN is a group of technologies optimized to transmit small amounts of data at very low speeds of below 5Kbps.” Samsung said in a statement.