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Galaxy TabPro S Vs iPad Pro

486214-ipad-pro-inline-2Samsung has numerous tablets under its belt. It has been designing pretty good tablets since 2010 but they failed to sell in numbers which Samsung had anticipated. The iPad with its iOS have been killing it in sales thus leading to a conclusion that Android operating system is the reason behind the lacklustre sales. Even top end hardware like Tab S2 failed to ignite the sales growth for Samsung.

On the other end, Microsoft has been making quite a buzz with their surface line tablets. Samsung copied Microsoft and made its own version of surface pro 4, the Galaxy TabPro S. This is in direct competition with the 12.9 inches iPad pro from Apple.samsung-galaxy-tabpro-s-specs-540x334

The advantages of the Galaxy TabPro S are that unlike the iPad pro that runs washed down apps like the Adobe Premiere and office apps, it run full-length applications with all its bleeding edge feature thanks to the full-length desktop operating system that it runs (windows 10).

Sure the iOS is optimised for portability and mobile experience, but windows 10 has put the touch-based interface and tablets on the high priority list. The end result is that the windows experienced is not as good as the iOS but it has vastly refined over its predecessors.

The hardware on the Galaxy TabPro S is more powerful compared to the iPad pro but the test revealed that both the tablets perform just fine. The iPad pro is fast enough even with less powerful hardware thanks to the excellent optimization iOS offers. nonetheless, several applications, blogging sessions and casual gaming were superb on both the machines.

The keyboard cover and Apple pencil are the differentiating factors for the iPad pro. But Samsung has already introduced the keyboard cover with a trackpad. It is also preparing the excellent Bluetooth enabled c-pen stylus for creative professionals. Thus equalling the Galaxy TabPro S with the iPad pro.

One area of grey is the battery life. iPad pro can run for 12+ hours while the Galaxy TabPro S is rated at 10 hours. That’s forgivable considering the Galaxy TabPro S runs full-length desktop operating system.

Did I mention the keyboard cover comes in the retail package of the tablet while Apple charges $169 extra?