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Smart View App Relaunched by Samsung

UntitledGoogle has recently introduced its second generation of its Chromecast devices and they were impressive like the last year’s model. But Samsung has its own method of casting the media from your smartphone or a tablet onto the television. It’s called as the smart view app. It’s a software based solution unlike the Google’s Chromecast that relies on a separate hardware device. The smart view app was introduced a while back and is only compatible with Samsung range of smart TVs and media can only be cast from a galaxy device.

But the problem was that using the app was simply a herculean task. It didn’t work seamlessly and often required tweaking of the app on the phone as well as the television. Naturally the play store review is something that you might want to avoid reading. Samsung now seems to have listened. Instead of updating the existing app with new features, it has introduced an entirely new app that is also called as smart view. The good news is that this smart view app will work on compatible Samsung TV released between 2011 to 2015 without any hiccup.

Smaung has made sure that the experience this time is a pleasant one. users who want to get their hands on this new app will have to download the new app and updating the old app simply won’t work. The new app still lacks the remote control feature but that might be fixed in the upcoming update. Now you will have the ability to view your pictures and videos on the big screen as well as listen to your favourite melodies on the louder speakers of the television. Smart view app is available for download now on the play store.

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