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What We Want from The Galaxy S7

Samsung-Galaxy-A8-FeaturedSamsung has released the note 5 and the galaxy s6 quite a while ago. Even though these we excellent devices that offered never before productivity and brilliant features but we were left wanting for more in some aspects. Here are some of features that we would like to be included in the next galaxy s7 super phone.iphone-battery-icon

A bigger battery.

Samsung has the fastest battery charging tech (wired and wireless). But the battery capacity remains small when compared to other phones. May be 3 ampere-hour battery would be good in the nest galaxy s7 that can power the phone for 2 days on moderate to heavy usage like the Sony xperia z5.


Expandable storage.

Expandable storage was one of the best-selling features for Samsung until it decided to go the apple way. With constant media download and video capturing, the 32 gb space quickly fills up. Expandable storage helps the user in storing as much information and pictures as they want up to 128 gb.


A water and dust proof design.

The latest note 5 is a sturdy device but not immune to the daily exposure to dust and occasional water spills. What good will a beautiful smartphone be when it doesn’t function properly.  Waterproofing and dust proofing the phone will enable the consumer to have the peace of mind that they definitely deserve.


A stronger body.

The nasty fall of smartphone that we experience on a regular basis hasn’t been kind on the latest galaxy devices. since they are covered in glass on the front and the back, the drop will result in cracking the glass however strong it might be. A stronger glass on the front and the back will surely help. If not, stronger metal such as magnesium alloy or the aero-space grade aluminium will go the trick.


Maybe a physical keyboard.

Ohk, this one is my personal favorite. I have seen the BlackBerry priv smartphone recently and that instantly got me jealous. I was a super fan of sliders phones and chatting with my crush with a dedicated physical keyboard was heaven. Maybe bringing them back will make me buy the next galaxy.

which one would you like in the galaxy s7?