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Note 5 Is Not as Strong as The new iPhone 6s plus. But Should That Matter?


When apple released the newest iPhone, it said that they were using a stronger metal body and the strongest ion protective glass that is available implying that they have taken the bend gate very seriously. But how do the new iPhones hold out against the other super phone, the galaxy note 5?

In a series of test conducted by the square test labs on the iPhone 6s, 6s plus and the note 5, The results are pretty amazing but similar to each other. The iPhone has an aerospace grade aluminium in their body called as the 7000 series which was pretty hard to bend at 180 pounds of pressure. The previous iPhone bends at about 120 units in the same test results, it can be safely said that the 3 phones do not bend under normal circumstances and are bend gate proof.

When the phones were dropped several time on their sides from a 6 ft. height, they survived with minor denting to the metal body. Surprisingly the note 5, which has a glass back, didn’t crack from the impact of the fall.


Next up was the drop on with their face down. The results are ordinary. All the phones had their cover glass shattered, rendering the phones useless. In the water test, the note 5 is a clear winner. It withstood the water for more time than the iPhone but all the three phones survived the water test,

In the extreme heat test, the phone shut off themselves after 15 minutes at 110 degree Fahrenheit to safeguard themselves from short-circuit. In the cold test though, iPhone 6 lasted 30 minutes at 0 degrees. The iPhone 6s plus and note 5 took 1 hour and 2 hours respectively before yielding.

On the whole, all the phone were made with the day to day weariness that they will be exposed in mind and they will survive some nasty falls. It doesn’t matter which phone is the strongest as all these phones are sufficiently durable.

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