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Nexus 6p Leaks, Note 5 is Still Better


Huge amount of information about the upcoming Nexus 6p has been dumped onto the internet. The leaks come via presentation images that were to be shown in the google’s upcoming Nexus launch event. These images give a complete information about the upcoming devices. I.e, the Nexus 6p and the Nexus 5x. I must say that the Nexus 6p revealed to itself as a rather boring device with the regular bells and whistles of a flagship smartphone. The new note 5 or the galaxy s6 edge+ are what I consider superior devices, here’s why.

According to the images, the Nexus 6p has a unimetal body, a fingerprint scanner and a host of google goodies. These things have been repetitive in a smartphone. The one thing I liked is the USB type-c connector that offers display connection, power connection and data connection from a single port. Although it is exciting, the tech is still in an infant stage and could end up being much less useful in the real world.

On the other hand, the note 5 has a beautiful display, a productive s-pen and a gorgeous camera. Although it fails to provide a pure android experience like the Nexus 6p, it is to be known that not everyone like the stock android experiences and Samsung tweaking the touch wiz is slightly better for me.

The note 5 offers some excitement in a rather boring smartphone industry plagues by flat screen slabs that we call smartphone. However, I wouldn’t write down the Nexus 6p phablet. A category created by the galaxy note series. Google might be having something up its sleeves to make the users buy its smartphone as it had with the past Nexus devices.


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