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Gear Vr Is Going Big with Launch of Netflix, Hulu and Twitch


Gear vr is going main stream with a price cut of 50% and adding compatibility for Samsung entire smartphone line-up of 2015. Samsung wants to go big with the virtual reality and it partnered with the oculus company to create the newest headset display that is powered by Samsung smartphone.

The new gear vr now supports note 5, galaxy s6, s6 edge and s6 edge+. It also shed some weight as the new gear vr is 22% lighter than its predecessors and still cost only half the price. That is $99. there is an improved touchpad that was an uneasy method to control in the previous generation and has a tactile d pad for added precision. A new game controller that uncomfortably resembles the Xbox controller is now available for playing games on the gear vr virtual reality world.

“We wanted to make sure from a mobile VR perspective that it’s intuitive to use.” Samsung told

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The gear vr was an experimental program till yesterday. but when Samsung announced the price, compatibility and the support it is getting from developers, I knew that the virtual has arrived. The $99 gear vr is one must have piece of tech and with the launch of apps such as Netflix, Hulu and twitch, now you can enjoy your favourite tv show in virtual reality. It’s like sitting in a big movie hall and watching a show.

Games are also an important part of the gear vr. A game called as the land’s end is being developed by the creators of the excellent monument valley. And joining them in the development are various game developers creating their own games in virtual reality.

The gear vr releases in November 2015. How excited are you for watching movies and playing games in virtual reality?