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I Cannot Decide If the New Serif TV Is Piece of Art or Just Sh**


I have been reading news about a new television set from Samsung that resembles the furniture in your living room. It the new serif tv. All the reviewers say that the tv is an ugly font or simple piece of sh**.I, for the part, definitely do not think that the tv is ugly but it isn’t even a beauty if viewed tradionally. then what is this serif tv?

Samsung partnered with French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to help them create a non-orthodox tv and they might have succeeded with the serif tv. When I first viewed the serif tv, I had a hard time recognizing the set among the living room furniture and when I finally figured the puzzle, what followed was a good laugh aimed at Samsung efforts to create something new in the tv industry that is obsessed with cramming more pixels into the screen and compressing the body into nothing more than a few millimeters.


The serif tv would come in 3 flavors. 40,32 and 24-inch model and will be available in 3 colors (white, red and blue). Expect to pay a bomb in case you are interested. pricing will be in range of £499 ($772), £699 ($1,081), and £1,199 ($1,855) for the three models respectively.

“What we were looking for was a solid presence that would sit naturally in any environment,” said Samsung in a press release.

The tv also comes with optional leg stand that will enable the serif tv to stand on its own middle of the room. The top of the serif tv also acts as a self if it is fixed to a wall. The back of the tv matches the aesthetic of the front with the ports and connectors laid out amidst fabric. The interface of the tv and the remote are also designed to match the tv.

Maybe the serif tv is an artistic dream which reimagines the television as something different from a big glass slab attached to the wall or is this simply a vain effort?. I cannot decide.