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AnTuTu Confirms Some of the Biggest Rumors of The Year


Hype is all that we have been seeing in the smartphone market all over the world for last two or so months. This hype is being created constantly for the last four years since the release of the Galaxy S2. From that day, it has just increased and never gone down. This year, the hype is greater than ever for any Samsung phone.

This year, the smartphone for which the hype has been created is the Mighty Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 is supposed to come out in first week of March. The Galaxy S6 has been surrounded by all sorts of rumors and if one wants to count them all, it will be impossible.


Well, many rumors have come up and no one knew what to make about the upcoming phone. All these rumors confused the people more and more. Above all, Samsung too was completely quiet on this topic and didn’t want to give out any info.

Well, Samsung has been performing many benchmark tests on the Galaxy S6 recently through AnTuTu – the famous benchmark testing app for Android phones. Well, they have put the Galaxy S6 on the top above all phones, making it the fastest phone. The specs that were mentioned were 3GB of RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 5.0.2, Exynos 7420 CPU, ARM Mali-T760 GPU, 5.1 inch, 20MP Primary, and 5MP Secondary cameras. All these specs are quite high and will surely keep up to the hype.


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