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Samsung Devices Are the First to Get VoLTE from Vodafone


Before you get started, let me explain that VoLTE is what the name suggests, voice over LTE. The calls that you get on your smartphone get their data transferred by using the 2G or the 3G connection. With VoLTE, your voice will now get transferred over the 4G network. Yes, 4G can also transfer the voice data apart from downloading the songs and movies at blazing fast speeds.

Why 4G?

The data transfer rate is strikingly fast. 3 times of 3G and 6 times of 2G network speeds can be achieved theoretically. since the transfer rate is more, you can now hear the voice and tone of the person on the other line crystal clear.

This VoLTE service is coming to Australian Vodafone post-paid consumers but only on Samsung 2015 line up of phones. The note 5, galaxy s6, s6 edge and s6 edge+ are the compatible phones as of now. They eventually plan to bring the VoLTE service to more consumers over different handsets.


The consumers will get an over the air(OTA) update of the settings that will enable them to use the VoLTE instantly.

“VoLTE not only allows users to stay on 4G during a voice call, they can also multi-task by continuing to use 4G data services such as web browsing while making or receiving a call.”

“We expect the number of customers with VoLTE-capable devices to increase rapidly over the next few years as more smartphone manufacturers incorporate the feature into new models,” and said ‘the launch of 4G voice and video calling represented a generational change for the Vodafone network.’ The representative said.

Looks like the Australian consumers are in for a treat.