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Galaxy S7 Could Come in 4 Versions

samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-logo-mwc-2015-c-1-710x399Samsung want to flood the market with its next generation of the s-series phones if the reports are true. The galaxy s7 is still in works and will come in 4 versions. That will be the regular galaxy s7, galaxy s7 edge, galaxy s7 edge+ and for the first time, Samsung will have a s7 plus smartphone similar to the iPhone 6 plus.

I seem to have lost of the number of iteration the next generation phone will have. There is a snapdragon 820 version for the U.S. and china. The international version will have a exynos 8890 SOC. Countries like India and brazil will get the exynos 5422 equipped galaxy s7. That indicates Samsung has at least 16 different versions of the same phone in works.

Samsung is also taking care of the details since It doesn’t want one phone to cannibalize the sales of another. For this specific purpose, it is distinguishing each phone and even the target groups are different.

All the phones are speculated to have a space grade magnesium alloy body and the best camera ever seen in a smartphone. The body design of the phones will be similar to the current galaxy s6 and galaxy s6 edge. Samsung wants to concentrate its resources on making better software and mere cosmetic changes will not make the phone special.

As I see it, it doesn’t have to change the design. The galaxy s6 and its edge sibling are already some of the most beautiful phones around and continuing the same design wont necessarily hurt the sales.

The phones are rumoured to be unveiled at the unpacked event during the world mobile congress coming February and will be available shortly after that. The price of the phone is said to be 10% lower than the galaxy s6 launch price. Samsung wants as many people as possible to buy this phone.