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Camera Specs Might Be a Thing of Past with Samsung Idea

Samsung Is one tech company who isn’t afraid to try new things and have the accompanying resources to materialize an idea. Revealed patents show that Samsung has a phone concept that can replace the existing camera lens and module with a superior one.

Just imagine that you have brought a new phone. Everything was great with it. After a year or so, the phone starts to show its age. New phones flash their cutting edge display and high end camera. You may not be able to do anything about the other components but camera is one thing you will be able to upgrade if you aren’t happy with its picture quality.

Google has a phone in its workshop where you will be able to upgrade almost every simple component including the processor and increase the battery size if you wish. But that is far from reality.

As you can see in the patent picture, there are certain type of alternate modules for specific purpose. The phone will come with a standard camera. If you are a photographer, you can swap the camera for another one with DSLR like zooming capabilities. yet Another module will increase the megapixel count and the quality immensely.

All this information has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Most of the companies have thousands of patents they never ever use. A leaked patent doesn’t mean that Samsung is actually building this phone.

But as history shows, Samsung has a knack of producing some interesting phones such as the s6 edge and galaxy round. The next generation of Samsung’s galaxy camera smartphone might make use of such capabilities. If that is the case, it would sure attract professional photographers and photo enthusiasts.